June 2, 2017

Greetings from the Palos Verdes Fireworks Committee!


While I’m happy to report that we had over 80 donors and made it to nearly one third of our objective, we fell short for the 4th of July fireworks show and consequently, there will be no fireworks display this year.  We learned a lot this first year!  Based on early input, much of our promotional efforts were targeted to a very few number of large donors but what we learned is that our path is much more likely paved with smaller individual donors so we will be revising our promotional materials for next year.


However, we are not discouraged!  We made a tremendous amount of progress in setting up a solid foundation for 2018 and beyond.  We have many people to thank who have become “friends of the committee”.  Many of you stepped forward with ideas, contributions and just plain rolled up your sleeves and got the word out!


The Palos Verdes Fireworks Committee accomplishments include:


  • Formalized ourselves as a corporation

    • Filed to become a recognized 501 (c)(3)      (We intend to connect to a charity starting in 2018)

    • Development of our website with Paypal capabilities www.palosverdesfireworks.com

              with direct deposits into our hosting Bank,

              -Malaga Bank

  • Creation of our logo and promotional flyers thanks to Glenn Yee of D-zi-ner | Y-ner Dezigns

  • Exposure to local media including the Beach Reporter, The Daily Breeze and KFI radio
    (see website)


We received approval from most donors to keep their contributions for future years even if we didn’t make our objectives for this year.  We are also happy to send your donations back so just let us know and we’ll take care of that right away.


We still need your help!


Please put out the word that the committee is here to stay and that we intend to double-our efforts to make sure we don’t have another dark 4th of July.  We need you to continue putting the word out to your friends and neighbors about supporting our committee.  The 4th and 5th of July this year are great days to say, “Did you miss the fireworks?  Let’s make sure we don’t let this happen again and go to the Palos Verdes Fireworks website to make a contribution.


Thanks to all of you for your support!




Rick Bender CEBS, LLIF


Bender Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc.

License #: 0811772/0136127

46-E Peninsula Center #333

Rolling Hills Estates, CA  90274


Our fundraising goal is $100,000 to cover all expenses but the cost of the fireworks is $65,000.
As of 6/30/17, we have raised $18,880 but need to achieve full funding of $65,000 ASAP or the event will not take place this year. We are hopeful in making this happen.
All donations are tax deductible (Tax ID 82-1131150) and Palos Verdes Fireworks, Inc. is 501(c)3 pending.
If we do not meet our fundraising goal, donations will be held in an interest-bearing account at Malaga Bank and we will to continue fundraising on an ongoing basis so that we can fund this event into perpetuity. 
*However, if anyone who donates requests a return of their funds, we will certainly accommodate them.
Thank you for your support!